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H&R manufactures and assembles a variey of high-quality, precision-engineered parts and components using customized polymer formulations. We fabricate parts from existing drawings or based on new designs developed in collaboration with our engineering department.
At the beginning of every project, we throughly review the project requirements, expected operating environment, history and application and develop an optimized solution. This concurrent systems engineering approach brings our customers and H & R Rubber and Tool Corp together in a productive union that enhances the specification and design, helps explore tooling alternatives, optimizes the solution deliverable, and saves time and money.
Our manufacturing facility is equipped with state -of-the -art molding, forming and matching equipment that accurately and efficiently produces our rubber and elastomer components. Our facility is equipped to handle everything from a single, one-of-a-kind part to a production run of thousands of units, and all orders are subject to our rigorous QA practices and reliable delivery schedule.
Custom Engineered Elastomeric Components
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